Inspired by her travels and the world around her in general, Alexia de Ville – the designer behind this Belgian

brand launched in 2012, gathers sketches, atmospheres and color palettes that she then interprets into

patterns and decors, a way for her to propose them as Wall coverings.

Most of the time she finds her inspiration by reading her daily environment, other times she photographs

details of locations where she travels; tones, textures and moods she then collects, and uses later on as

inspiration to create her home design collections. She also likes to evoke the past by reviving, while

modernizing, ancient paintings and prints.

The collections are largely animated by organic and animal patterns, blent with more abstract designs.

Always looking for strong and original designs, the brand proposes bold patterns as well as daring colors and


Tenue de Ville is a high end Belgian brand that stood out fast in Belgium and elswhere. The collections are

produced locally, respecting the environment and the European standards (FSC label and controlled inks).

ALEXIA - Tenue de Ville

Educated in Fine art and scenography, Alexia’s main preoccupation was to tell stories. Whether she was

using video, photography or drawing. This has crystallized over time on creating patterns, causing the

launch, in 2012, of her brand Tenue de Ville – brand that offers her creations and designs since then.

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