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Under her label TENUE DE VILLE, the young Belgian designer Alexia de Ville de Goyet launches this fall / winter « Balsam », a third collection of original wallpapers, 100% made in Belgium.

Zipping fast between her design studio in Brussels and production workshop based in Zele, Alexia de Ville de Goyet is in the excitement of the release of her new wallpapers collection. The young artist who in 2014 started the creation of wall coverings, then followed founding her brand « Tenue de ville », is in fact honing today the final details of a series of fifteen designs soon to be released.

Always based on very eclectic sources of inspirations emerged from her travels — faraway or imaginary — and her superb curiosity, fauna, flora or abstract drawings are crafted here with elegance and modernity. Well-versed in mixed techniques thanks to her multidisciplinary artistic training in Brussels and London, Alexia captures all mediums to give shape to her ideas, shifting freely from engraving to drawing, to cutting / assembling paper or photography before reworking her findings using graphics programs. The transversality between craftsmanship and new technology is also called in production processes of these very personal coatings : the base, non-woven, is printed using two techniques selected according to various applications, either traditional, with a copper cylinder for conventional rolls, or inkjet in digital version for wall panels.

After « City Garden » in 2015 and « Ode » in 2016, the « Balsam » collection (which will be officially released in January 2017) consists among others of a flight of hummingbirds, a cloud of opulent peonies, of all-over in torn paper, or yet impressive stormy skies each declined in six colors that score home/question marks/trends : bluish greens, powdery pinks, saffron yellows and copper accents compose the heart of the palette.

In short, Tenue de Ville is the unique personality of a small production which displays an exclusive character, well inscribed in its time, at all levels, because modernity is also a matter of conscience : besides local manufacturing, all media papers are FSC certified and inks used meet very strict environmental standards.

Educated in Fine art and scenography, Alexia’s main preoccupation was to tell stories. Whether she was using video, photography or drawing. This has crystallized over time on creating patterns, causing the launch, in 2012, of her brand Tenue de Ville – brand that offers her creations and designs since then.